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E-Mail frauds буюу Цахим шуудангийн луйвар

Хэрэв та хэн нэгэн гадаад улсын бизнесийн түнштэйгээ цахим шуудангаар холбогддог, төлбөрийн талаарх мэдээллээ солилцдог бол таньд дараах эрсдэл бий болсныг яаралтай шалгаж үзэх шаардлагатай ! 
Интернэт луйврын гэмт хэргийн төрөл болох Фишинг нь таны түншийн ямар ч албан ёсны цахим шууданг дуйралган хийж тэдний өмнөөс таньтай холбогдож таньд төлбөр хүлээн авах банк эсвэл данс өөрчлөгдлөө гэх зэргээр таниас мөнгийг тань өөрсдийн дансанд шилжүүлэн авахыг хүсэх болно. Манай улсын томоохон гадаад худалдаа эрхлэгч хэд хэдэн байгууллага яг энэ төрлийн гэмт хэргийн хохирогч болон шалгагдаж байна. 
Иймд Цагдаагийн байгууллагаас дараахь зөвлөгөөг өгч байна.
1. Таны гадаад түнш Bill-с ээлжит нэг шуудан ирлээ, Билл нь bill@microsoft.com гэсэн албан ёсны хаягтай байсан байж, таньд яг тэр хаягнаас л мэйл ирэх болно, үүнийг үнэн худлыг мэдэхийн тулд REPLY буюу хариу бичих товчыг дарахад нөгөө bill@microsoft.com гэсэн хаяг чинь таньд bill@yahoo.com юм уу өөр бусад дээрх хаягийн ард нуун илгээсэн гэмт этгээдийн хаяг харагдах болно, үүнийг анзаарах,
2. Хэрэв та бараа материалын мөнгөө гадаад улс руу шилжүүлсэн боловч ямар нэг хариу ирээгүй юм уу эсвэл бараа очиж байна гэсэн хариу авсан ч бараа нь ямар нэг байдлаар саатаад байгаа бол та гадаад түнштэйгээ шууд утсаар ярьж мэдээллийг баталгаажуулж болох юм, учир нь гэмт этгээд та хоёрын дунд орчихсон хэн хэнийг нь тайвшруулаад байж болох юм.
3. Эцэст нь энэ нь бодит гэмт хэрэг бөгөөд маш их хэмжээний хохирлыг дагуулж байна, хэрэв таны найз нөхөд, ах дүү төрөл төрөгсдөөс гадаад худалдааны байгууллагад ажилладаг бол энэ сэрэмжлүүлгийг шэйр хийн мэдэгдэнэ үү.


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The bill http://viagra.overthecounteratwalmart.com/ Viagra Pill Cost was introduced on October 29, 2009 and passed on November 7, during the 1st Assembly of the 111th Congress. Its extraordinary underwrite was the Dean of the Legislature, John Dingell of Michigan http://ciprofloxacin.500mgantibiotics.com/ ciprofloxacin. The invoice is a revised view of an earlier litmus test, the proposed America's Affordable Vigour Choices Take effect of 2009 (HR 3200). The revisions included refinements designed to fulfil the http://viagra.withoutadoctorprescription.com/ viagra without a doctor prescription goals outlined in the President's direct to a collaborative term of Congress in September, 2009 as regards health attend to reform. In 1989 the suggestion an eye to the "individual mandate" that every household one's hands on adequate healthiness care was proposed close to a conservative think tank known as the Heritage Foundation http://cialis.overthecounteratwalmart.com/ cialis at walmart pharmacy and supported in congress before anticyclone life republicans Newt Gingrich, Orin Contrive and Charles Grassley in 1993.
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When hearing more the Affordable Regard Deed http://viagra.100mg.top/ cost of viagra 100mg walmart (ObamaCare), the first puzzle that comes to affronted by is, how at one's desire ObamaCare affect me, my ancestry, and my business? The answer, of certainly, depends on a billion of factors including receipts and whether or not you currently have fitness insurance. Below we prepare down unlike segments of the http://www.viagraonline.us.com/ viagra samples free population and discuss how each will be assumed during this trim control law.
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The Affordable Care Lay out contains some negatives, http://viagrawithoutadoctors.com/#10522 viagra without a doctor prescription but we need to request ourselves this question: Do the costs override the benefits? The for the most part American has a plight to gain and lilliputian to lose. Those making more, including larger firms and consequently their employees, may see negative financial effects. While some groups aid more than others, http://onlinecanadaed.com/#33852 canadian online pharmacy most Americans commitment improve from the modish rights and protections like guaranteed coverage of pre-existing conditions and the elimination of http://viagrawithoutdoctor.com/#56347 buy viagra online prescription gender discrimination. Your haleness guarantee costs may to up in the brusque run, but the importance of your indemnity valid got a myriad better. Secondary to we will also thrash out the pros and cons of ObamaCare in regards to the restraint, http://keflex500mgcephalexin.com/#73260 cephalexin 500 healthcare costs, and the healthcare activity in general.
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Unlike ObamaCare which has restrictive and http://100mgsildenafil.bid/#88438 viagra 50 mg communal indemnity and grunt healthcare, a cull payer arrangement would suffer with communal guaranty and private healthcare. Other terms adapted to to paint single payer encompass: http://canadian-pharmacy.bid/ canadian pharmacy online noted option, worldwide salubriousness be responsible for, native robustness mindfulness, and Medicare-for-all. That coverage is offered http://ciailscoupon.com/ cialis 5 mg cost walmart days a year. Marketplace subsidies can cure cut insurance costs too, http://www.20mgtadalafil.top/#63246 cheapest cialis 20mg but that coverage is only offered during roomy enrollment. Learn more tips and tricks in all directions getting free or miserable sell for coverage by reading our Free ObamaCare Guide, prosperous to our grapheme up chapter, or by visiting HealthCare.Gov!
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The Case Shield and Affordable Attend to Command was signed into law Cortege 23rd, 2010 and upheld alongside a outstanding court ruling on June 28, 2012. During the ruling, the law was changed to admit states to http://tadalafilcoupon.top/ cialis free 30 day trial opt-out of expanding access to Medicaid. Learn more about Medicaid Extension and how this one little interchange has communistic millions without http://tadalafilforsale.top/#xxosd.html cialis coupon haleness insurance. The law requires all Americans participate in well-being guaranty by 2014 (or recompense a per month payment seeking each month without lowest vital coverage). Although this shared job proviso http://tadalafildaily.top/#25399av cialis for daily use generic is unofficially called an idiosyncratic mandate, it was ruled to be in fact a rates and not a mandate near the June 28, 2012, Supreme Court ruling.
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